Nerf Blasters is an online team based first person shooter suited for all ages. It has many features including:

  • Two types of play, Team Capture the Flag and Nerf Match
  • 6 unique character classes to choose from
  • 13 classic Nerf Blasters and Items
  • Original soundtrack to pump during gameplay
  • Hilarious dialogue during matches
  • 3 levels to play on including: Court, Backyard, and the Park
  • Bold color scheme creating a bright and fun atmosphere

Falling Star Studio - The Team

Falling Star Studios

We are a group of 14 students at Brown College who came together to create one of the best free games we could in the time we had for our group project class. The purpose of the class was to teach us how to work in a real world scenario where we have a final deadline. Everything was up to us as we set our own goals and timelines for completion of Nerf Blasters. This was a fantastic experience as we all learned the value of team work.

My role in the making of Nerf Blasters

I took on many roles during the life of the project. First I helped in the creation process of the outline concept for the game. I also created the audio section of the production document. From there I took over the audio aspect of the game having one other working under me. Together we created the sound effects for the game. I also created the music for the game using Adobe Audition. Then I found myself helping out in creating some models and textures for the game as well as assisting in the audio scripting for the Torque Game Engine. During the project I found myself in leadership positions multiple times.

Listen to some of my work (Press Play)

Download Nerf Blasters today! Download (67.5mb)

Credits (alphabetical)
Adam Bergstrom, Michael Bocchi, Timothy Boehmke, Jessie Brueske, Shawn Carraway, Rene Chaon, Daniel Crowson, Bradley Denn, Ezekiel Ernst-Manteufel, Randall Hall, Ryan Herda, Brian Heuring, Jason Rodgers, Mark Witt

Instructors: Andrew Bloom, Michael Gjere

Special Thanks
Colleen Bocchi, Ashley Bolte, Alexander Brueske, Brandon Carraway, Joel Faatz, Christopher Hippert, Katrina Murray, Ross Neugebauer, Jeremy Pellow, Nichole Rettman, Scott Reynolds, Jessica Schmidt, Andrew Stafford, Peter West

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